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Customized Transit & Flight Case Specialist Dragon Cases Ltd
30.08.2013 16:09

Dragon Cases are specialists within the design and output of bespoke flight cases, poly cases, fibre transit cases and sewn padded bags for the storage and transport of fragile and technical equipment.

We've over thirty years' experience in the market, creating and delivering customized flight cases of the extremely greatest quality. All of our custom cases and bags are produced within the UK to first-class specifications. We presently supply our customized flight cases to a number of industries:

Av, computer systems & internet, M.O.D., seem & lighting, entertainment, Grand Prix, film & TV, communications, theatre, display & exhibition, conference, storage, aviation, sport, arts, education, travel, medical, electronics, industrial, music, broadcast, scientific, off ocean, telecommunications, military and retail.

Customized Flight Cases that suit your needs

We design, manufacture and offer a large range of custom cases for a wide selection of industries. Our extensive selection of items includes:

Custom flight cases, transit cases, flexi trunks, poly and fibre cases. They are fully customisable so could be specified as rack mounted flight cases, shock mounted rack flight cases, foam suspended rack cases, etc. For bigger amounts, flight cases and poly cases could be manufactured with cnc routered foam or waterjet cut foam inserts, all made to meet and exceed ATA specifications.

We manufacture a number of road trunks, road cases, cable trunks and instrument cases, in addition to padded bags, and protective bags.


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