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Dragon Cases Keep Ryder Cup Protected from Europe to USA
12.09.2013 19:08

As a happily Welsh company, Dragon Cases were happy to be requested to produce the fourth in a number of flight case rack and transit cases made to keep your Ryder Cup safe on its journeys around the globe.

Following the 2010 Ryder Cup happened in the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport and golf glory used to be more presented around the Men and women, who may well be more fitting to help keep the cup protected from harm compared to Dragon Cases team?

With your precious cargo to safeguard, all the Dragon Cases' expertise were utilized to supply custom flight cases which may bare this important bit of sporting history safe and sound although it travelled around the world. Ryder Europe had particularly asked for their fourth Dragon Cases flight case included a take out handle and wheels to really make it transportable, so that's precisely what we did!

Using the European team mates hailing all corners from the region, including vice-captains Thomas Bjorn and Sergio Garcia from Denmark and The country correspondingly, portability and sturdiness were necessary to the style of the case.

The Ryder Cup is planning to help make the voyage towards the Medinah Country Club in Illinois, USA. On 28th September the 2012 Ryder Cup matches tee served by Davis Love III sailing the People in america and José María Olazábal heading in the European contingent. Let's hope our custom flight cases is going to be getting the cup home to Europe!

As secure luggage specialists, the Dragon Cases team are reliable companies of outstanding custom flight cases and transit cases for important products in most shapes and dimensions. To understand more about the foam case insert we must offer for your precious cargo please explore the relaxation in our site http://www.5star-cases.com/.


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