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Foam Inserts - Reducing Your Own Or Getting Them Custom-made
29.08.2013 23:13

If this involves creating custom foam inserts for your transporting case or shipping case, you will find a number of options available.

If you want to cut your personal inserts, buying a solid pad is a easy way go. Simply trace your item around the pad and cut the foam using a utility knife. Uncut solid inserts may also be used to safeguard thin products.

Solid pads can be found in either Memory or Polyethylene foam. Memory foam is soft, durable (like the foam inside your couch cushions) and great for medium to light-weight products. Polyethylene is dense (the fabric is equivalent to individuals "noodle" flotation toys that children have fun with within the pool) and ideal for medium to heavy-weight materials.

Eggcrate (or "convoluted") inserts, which are constructed with Memory, work nicely by themselves. The initial grooves within the foam carry the products and hold them in position once the case is closed.

An alternative choice in creating your personal inserts would be to purchase Diced/Pick and Pluck foam, which is available in pre-obtained cubes of Memory. Help make your own insert by placing your products on the top from the pre-cut power grid. Then take away the cubes touching your item to ensure that they fit nice snug in to the remaining foam piece.

Foam inserts could be custom-made for added protection and a perfect fit. Die cut foam inserts are created by using steel rule dies. Die cutting creates the most precise cut and for me, additionally, it creates the appropiate product. For deep cases, wire cut inserts are a wise decision. These inserts are produced using a computer-controlled abrasive wire-cutting machine. The device is designed by using a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) drawing, which particulars all of the cutouts and dimensions. Both processes allow for either Memory or Polyethylene foam.

If many of these choices are overwhelming you, don't stress. It is sometimes hard to choose which insert would best match your materials. For those who have questions, make sure to contact a foam insert professional for guidance.


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